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Hi, I'm David Hart, former agency owner and SaaS founder.Every Saturday morning, I email a five minute actionable insight that helps consultancy founders just like you on their journey to creating a SaaS business and scaling it to $10m ARR and beyond.

What qualifies me to write about this stuff?I used to run an agency until, along with my co-founders, we pivoted into a SaaS business. Today that business has exceeded $20m in Annual Recurring Revenue (our agency struggled to ever get above $1.5m - and none of that was 'recurring').What I've learnt is that firstly, agency owners have Super Powers that give them a head start in launching and scaling a SaaS company. Many successful SaaS founders have an agency background somewhere down the line!But also, compared to selling time, selling a product that people subscribe to gave us:- an easier path to scale- more control over what we chose to do with our time- much more revenue- more certainty about future revenue- and the generation of considerably more personal net worth than we would have achieved otherwiseOver the years I've met a lot of frustrated agency owners who were interested in going on a similar journey but not sure how to make it happen. We were the same back in 2016. It can be overwhelming as there are so many moving parts.That's why I decided to write this newsletter: to share the insights that I've gleaned from my own experience and the experience of others I've worked with over the years.People have told me that this content is valuable and if I can inspire you to take the same steps we did and change your life forever, then even better!

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Look out for the next update on Saturday! And in the meantime, if you're interested, let me tell you more about me and the mission I'm on help agency founders make the most value from their creative brains. It's about time...David Hart